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Neighborhood Expert Utilization Strategy


NEXUS is an activist database which recognizes the wealth of exceptional human capital within the South Shore community and seeks to harness that untapped potential in the transformation of this challenged lakefront community.

NEXUS seeks to engage a critical mass of South Shore residents and alumni committed to using their talents in service to the community through participation in one of 9 working groups, 4 support groups or any number of specific volunteer opportunities.

NEXUS participants will complete an informational profile online that delineates their skills and experiences as well as the area(s) in which they will work to restore South Shore as a viable community in every respect. The appropriate technologies and social media platforms will be utilized to support this effort.

NEXUS will energize a nucleus of highly skilled neighbors, some of whom have international reputations, who have proven track records in their fields, but have, in the past, made South Shore a bedroom community. Only those who are willing to ACTIVELY work for change should sign up. The South Shore Works will access this invaluable cohort of capable volunteers to bring about the community we all desire.

NEXUS will be marketed through existing community groups, the ministerial alliance, retail establishments, block clubs, traditional and social media.

Help Spread the Word and help MAKE THAT CHANGE!

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