East 74th Street Inaugural Block Club Celebration

On this beautiful Fall day in South Shore, even the trees planted to promote soil stability, filter air pollution and traffic noise, all while providing shade had to bargain for its position as the sun illuminated brightly on the inaugural 2400 East 74th Street Block Club celebration. A few flowery porch arrangements helped to display a charming appeal for neighbors as several residents young and old stepped outside to meet and greet each other.

The residents of the block club decided that the gun violence that seemingly plagued their block was unacceptable. For more than a year, neighbors planned and coalesced with Alderman Greg Mitchell, faith-based institutions, and community agencies to host their first-ever block club celebration.

This inaugural celebration provided a safe space for children to ride their bikes, create sidewalk chalk murals and just simply enjoy each other company over BBQ, side dishes, and cold beverages.

Alderman Mitchell and a few of the 003rd District Chicago Police beat officers stopped by to support this celebration. A few members of South Shore Works' street wellness fellow team also distributed masks to residents as part of their COVID-19 response efforts.