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About Us

The South Shore Works Planning and Preservation Coalition (hereinafter referred to as South Shore Works) is an emerging 501(C)(3) community-based organization dedicated to the revitalization and restoration of the South Shore community. What began as a volunteer movement has evolved into a structured nonprofit organization with a board of directors, core staff, a physical location, and a growing reputation as THE pivotal planning entity for South Shore.

South Shore Works is an independent, dedicated consortium of individuals and key organizations committed to the revitalization of the South Shore community in every aspect. Its primary strategy is to harness the abundance of talent and expertise in the neighborhood to participate in the design and implementation of a strategic plan that will result in a safe, economically viable, aesthetically beautiful community. 

The South Shore Works initiative is asset-based, data-driven and resident-centered. It embraces the principles of synergistic stakeholder planning, shared governance, transparency and collaboration. This model is rooted in a community engagement process that includes working groups that are subject matter specific and a set of support groups whose expertise is essential to all. Broader resident involvement will be achieved through an outreach vehicle called NEXUS.

Working together for change!

Our Mission

Our Mission

To create a collaboratory that harnesses the collective power of South Shore organizations, agencies, and human capital to design and create a thriving, sustainable community.

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