Mission, Vision, Values


To create a collaboratory that harnesses the collective power of South Shore organizations, agencies, and human capital to design and create a thriving, sustainable community.


A vibrant, mixed-income community with a bustling commercial corridor, stable housing stock, good schools and stimulating cultural and recreational outlets and opportunities.



  • Resident-centered

  • Cross-Generational

  • Transparent

  • Collaborative


Core Principles

  • Shared Governance

  • Cross-stakeholder planning

  • Collective Impact

  • Synergy

  • Evidence-based practice AND practice-based evidence

South Shore Works

​South Shore Works is an independent, dedicated consortium of individuals and key organizations committed to the revitalization of the South Shore community in every aspect. Its primary strategy is to harness the abundance of talent and expertise in the neighborhood to participate in the design and implementation of a strategic plan that will result in a safe, economically viable, aesthetically beautiful community.

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Email: info@southshoreworks.org

Phone: 872-216-3495

Registered Charity: 36-4191772

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