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Mission, Vision, Values


Build a 'collaboratory' that facilitates and sustains ongoing collaboration amongst South Shore community stakeholders to realize our collective vision for the South Shore community.


A vibrant, culturally centered, collectively well, mixed-income community with a bustling commercial corridor, stable housing stock, good schools, and stimulating arts, recreation and entertainment outlets servicing the entire South Shore community and beyond. 


  • Resident-centered

  • Cross-Generational

  • Transparent

  • Collaborative

Core Principles

  • Shared Governance

  • Cross-stakeholder planning

  • Collective Impact

  • Synergy

  • Evidence-based practice AND practice-based evidence

Theory of Transformation

(Black) Culture Wellness is an evolving, evidenced based, outcome focused, theory of transformation that states that the unique, authentic expression of the values and principles self-determined by the Black community will lend to the long-term health, wealth and well-being of the Black community.

  • It involves the promotion and practice of life affirming values, principles, and evidenced based strategies that affect essential outcomes for individuals, institutions and communities as a whole.

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