Arts, Culture & Entertainment

Chairpersons: Michelle Boone, Dorian Sylvain, Yvonne Welbon

Vision Statement

South Shore is evolving into a cultural mecca, enticing people from around the City and the country to come and ignite their creativity. The word to be associated with South Shore will be UNIQUE! Selected commercial blocks will provide a stroll” of one-of-a-kind restaurants, boutiques, cozy live performance spaces, galleries and more!

Mission Statement

The Arts & Culture Committee’s mission is to channel ideas, illuminate possibilities, and identify resources with regards to arts and culture that will foster and re-invigorate South Shore’s cultural presence.

Core Objectives and Priorities

Conduct a mapping of South Shore’s cultural and creative resources and can create a profile.

Identify and contact artists in all genres currently living and/or working in the South Shore community.

Inform and engage the community in order to garner support, and involve residents by soliciting their input and responses to prospective plans.

Standing Meeting Date

Monthly; date varies

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