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Economic Development

Chairpersons: Tonya Trice, Vincent Obah

Mission Statement To complete a three to five year plan for the South Shore Community to: 1) improve the quality of life and increase economic opportunities for community residents through wealth building and job creation strategies and 2) enhance the overall economic well-being of the community through policies and programs designed to improve the local business climate and achieve sustainable growth within the larger regional economy.

Core Objectives and Priorities

  • Increase the number of locally owned businesses and the vibrancy of existing businesses.

  • Expand access to financing and lines of credits from major lending institutions for local businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • Position local businesses to participate in regional development opportunities.

  • Revitalize and strengthen commercial corridors; increase local ownership and control of properties.

  • Stabilize, grow and expand nonprofit organizations and institutions

  • Continue ongoing communication and media strategies to inform and change perceptions among current residents and the broader community.

  • Promote coalition building and collaboration among residents, local organizations, and other key stakeholders.

  • Prepare local labor force to access higher paying careers in growth industries such as advanced manufacturing, logistics, and transportation.

  • Establish linkages to regional and citywide development planning efforts.

Standing Meeting Date


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