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South Shore Family Day

South Shore Works, South Shore Hospital, and Bryn Mawr Church hosted their second South Shore Family Day this past weekend. Vaccinations and booster shots were distributed by staff from South Shore Hospital, and attendees were eligible to receive a gift card toward a vaccination. Masks and additional PPE materials were also distributed to patrons.

March 7th, 2022 commemorated the second COVID-19 Memorial Day, led by Marked by COVID-19 activists across the country. Marked by COVID-19 is a national, grassroots-powered nonprofit that promotes accountability, recognition, justice, and a pandemic-free future by elevating truth and science. In collaboration with #FloralHeartProject, created in New York by artist Kristina Libby and supported by 1800-Flowers, floral hearts have been used to commemorate loved ones lost to COVID-19, as well as serve as public grieving spaces. South Shore Works received a floral heart display to showcase at this event. Visit and to learn how to get involved in demonstrating public support for a federally-recognized COVID-19 Memorial Day.


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