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Back Alley Jazz Recap

This past Saturday was a pretty remarkable day for South Shore Works and community partners. In the AM, we co-sponsored a pet vaccination event at The Quarry Event Center. South Shore Works certainly appreciated the opportunity to provide free vaccines and microchipping to our loved ones! Thank you #TreeHouseVeterinaryWellnessCenter!!! Unofficially, we provided vaccines to more than 130 pets.

We also co-sponsored and hosted our 3rd Annual Back Alley Jazz Festival with community members and the Hyde Park Jazz Festival! Ten 30-45 min live & stellar jazz performances at various locations in South Shore!!! Just INCREDIBLE!!! Thanks to our team and dedicated volunteers!!!

We distributed nearly 800 prepackaged masks and hand sanitizers to festivalgoers at each of the sites. We also partnered with the city's Public Health Department and South Shore Hospital to provide FREE COVID-19 vaccinations!!! It was truly a remarkable day in South Shore from sun-up to sundown.

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